Discover a New Office Experience in Fajardo, Puerto Rico


Exciting news! Our doors are officially open at the Renaissance Marina Village Shopping Center in Fajardo, proudly brought to you by RE/MAX Island Homes. We're thrilled to welcome you to our innovative office space, designed with a fresh concept in mind.

Despite some delays in our opening, we are now up and operating, ready to serve you. Currently, we are actively working on expanding our areas, where we've already begun conducting training sessions for our team. Additionally, we're gearing up for a series of events aimed at benefiting our community.

Step into a workspace unlike any other, where the traditional office boundaries blur, and creativity flourishes. Large open spaces adorned with vibrant plants, providing a natural and invigorating backdrop for collaboration and productivity. Seating areas, strategically arranged for convenience, offer our agents dedicated workspaces, while clients can relax in separate lounge areas and have a taste of our local coffees- all within the welcoming ambiance of RE/MAX Island Homes. Imagine sipping on a cup of the finest brew while looking through our collection of real estate and lifestyle magazines.

Visit us at the Renaissance Marine Village, Fajardo, and experience a blend of professionalism and comfort like never before, exclusively with RE/MAX Island Homes!

Office Location: https://rem.ax/OfficeLocation